Eco House With Renewable Energy Systems - Cretacon Green Energy
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Eco House With Renewable Energy Systems

Eco House With Renewable Energy Systems

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Located in Xirokambi, Municipality of Platanias

Eco House Purely run on Renewable Energy Sources

207 m2 stone villa with a 30m2 basement, built on land area of 4,800m2

Photovoltaic System and Wind Turbine Energy Specifications

a) The total photovoltaic power installation is of 4,200 watts/hour -0%, +1,5% (estimated for the Schuco panels)
b) The installed PH panels are of monocrystalline Silica.
c)  The installed inverter, system controller and coordinator is an SMA SI 5048 system, capable to handle up to 5 different power inputs and coordinate up to 4 different energy input devices (all devices are from the same manufacturer).
d) The system stores energy in 12  6 OCZS 1200 batteries that reaches the maximum energy capacity of 28,800 watts, of which 23,040 watt are available. (3 day battery supply est. Daily consumption 6000wH)
e)  An external  LPG generator is also embedded into the system.
f)  An Energotech Bf1 wind turbine is also integrated into the system.
The wind turbine is capable of supplying 1500 watt/hour, depending on the available wind energy (production starts at 3m/s wind speed).
The current produced by the wind turbine is directed to a charge regulator and then to the SI unit and is used as needed.
g) The cable used for the solar panel is a Shuco solar cable, with correct connectors to match the installed devices. The external power cables run through an encased concrete conduit (one for each polarity or phase).
The dimensions of the encasement are of 20cm (width) x 15 cm (length) and are buried at a depth of at least 50cm. Hand holes have been placed depending on the length of the conduit.
h) The conduit is of 40 mm in diameter, made of PE and is appropriate for electrical installations.
j) Grounding wire runs along and over the encasement. The grounding wire is of 16mm2 bare stranded wire (copper or aluminium).
k) The system is scalable and expandable if the customer so desires.


Ground Floor:
2 bedrooms
1 full bathroom
1 w.c.
Living-room/dining room, kitchen

First Floor:
Large master bedroom with en-suite bathroom
1 office/library

Storage area for photovoltaic batteries and C.H. system, plus utility/storage area.


a) EARTHWORKS: According to the Greek building regulations, excavations for the foundations were conducted to the depth required, according to the type of land and soil formation. Beneath the foundations and the outside walls of the basement, a waterproof membrane(damp course) was placed.
b) REINFORCED CONCRETE: The foundations and basement are made of reinforced concrete (type C20/25) and the stone rendering is in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified civil engineer and approved by the Chania Urban Planning Committee. The wooden battening, the reinforcing bars, the texture and viscosity of the concrete are all according to the antiseismic regulations. All works were supervised by a Chartered Civil Engineer.
c) EXTERNAL WALLS: All the stone walls of 50 cms width are in accordance to the approved designs and regulations. The outside of the stone walls have been conditioned with a special water resistant sealer.
d) BASEMENT: The basement is the storage area for the central heating boiler (LPG) photovoltaic system batteries and water tank. This area is well ventilated and fire-proof with a sprinkler system for the boiler.
e) INTERNAL WALLS: According to the plans, the internal walls separating the rooms are of  insulated, sound proof plaster boards. All internal walls (dividing walls according to plans) and agreed stone wall areas have been plastered. (Rendered with 3 layers of plaster: 1st layer or “bonding” is with spattered lime – a mix that includes 450kg cement. 2nd layer is spattered cement and 3rd layer is once again spattered cement or “skimming”)
These walls have been painted with KRAFT paints, according to clients’ choice of colours.
f) ARCHES: 2 large stone arches; one external, one internal and one small arch over the main, front door.
g) ROOFS: Ceramic tiled roof; waterproof and insulated with 5cm thick polystyrene panels.
h) TERRACES/VERANDAS: 45m2 of paved terraces on ground floor area.
Tiled external area of bedroom/study on first floor.
i) PERGOLAS / BALCONY RAILINGS: Up to 45m2 of open wooden pergolas have been erected and also wood balcony railings


a) PLUMBING:  Plumbing installation is of a single pipe with a collector and a pipe 16 atm (German UNATHERM D18-D22). The drainage/sewage installations are with plastic pipes – type ELOT 688 and are 100mm in diameter. These pipes pass into two prefabricated tanks 1) 9m3 and 2) 14m3
The hot water supply for the house is provided by a solar panel 200lt INOX mounted on the roof.
Hot water supply for the central heating is from a second solar panel, 200lt INOX mounted on the roof and is connected to the LPG central heating boiler.
b) ELECTRICALS: Quality German materials were used for the electrical installation. Safety/trip switches were installed in every supply cable. The sockets in the house are of  bakelite. For the external and internal light fittings there was a choice of factory painted “Hammerite” metal colours or bakelite. Telephone, TV and satellite cable installation was also included. All the electricals are in accordance to the photovoltaic plans/system.
c) ALUMINIUM CASEMENTS: All external windows and doors are made of top quality aluminium (ETEM), with roller shutters and mosquito/fly screens.
All external glass have an insulation cavity and are double-glazed.
d) WOODWORK: The internal doors have been handcrafted with 100% wood.
Wardrobes have been included in each bedroom (12m2 in total)
The handles are made of VIOMETAL.
Ceilings are made of wood and wood beams, or plastered where agreed by the client.
Internal staircase (from ground floor to first floor) also made of wood.
e) KITCHEN: The kitchen units, both floor and wall units – up to15m total length, have been made of high quality hand-crafted, varnished NOVOPAN/M.D.F and BAKELITE.
Kitchen counters/worktops are made of heat resistant material and are 60cm in width. Handles are made of VIOMETAL.
The granite kitchen sink is comprised of two basins with one draining board and quality Italian taps. Under cupboard lighting, on all cupboards.
f) TILING: JOHNSON CERAMIC tiles have been placed for internal/external floors, bathrooms and kitchen.
g) BATHROOMS: All bathrooms have been fitted with quality Italian white porcelain. According to the plans, bathroom ware and accessories consist of a toilet, sink, shower/bath, mirror, soap dish, hooks, towel rails, toilet roll holder and quality Italian taps.
The en-suite bathroom also has in addition, 2 sinks,1 large single mirror  and crystal shower cubicle.
h) HEATING: Stone fireplace with glass door. The chimney running through the house is of INOX (boxed in) to provide extra heat transference throughout the house.
Under floor central heating is run on an LPG system (TIEME) along with the hot water supply from the second solar panel.


– Cretacon endeavoured to minimise the number of trees removed for building and preserved all trees near to the house
– Cretacon undertook and  re-planted  up to 30% of  the removed trees.
– A gravelled/cement access road to the property and gravelled parking area was formed. A membrane was placed beneath these gravelled areas.
– One metal skeleton structure, 40m2 (8m x 5m) with 40m2 concrete floor and waterproof ceramic tiled roof, plus 2 lights and 3 sockets. Photovoltaic panels placed on roof.


Project details:


m² plot 4800

m² House 237

Bedrooms 3

Floors 3

Bathrooms 3

Storage Yes

Verandas 1

Fireplace Yes

Garden Yes

Parking lot Yes

View Yes

Construct Year 2010

Solar Panel Yes

Air Conditioning Yes

Fully equipped kitchen Yes

Laundry Yes

Cable TV Yes


Electrical appliance Yes

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