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Masonry – Plastering

Masonry - Plastering

Masonry - Plastering

Masonry construction includes filling the vertical and horizontal members of exterior framework and interior partitions of a building. Depending on the type of building we construct (residence, commercial building, warehouse, etc.) we use the right materials such as bricks, concrete blocks (ytong), worked local stone, plasterboard, steel and glass or metal etc.

Walls and ceilings are usually rendered with three layers of plaster, “bonding” with spattered lime, second layer with spattered cement and “skimming”. Fibre reinforced restoration and damp proofing coatings are also used to prevent condensation on walls. To select the appropriate material we always take into account the type of substrate, the environmental conditions and aesthetics.

Decades of experience guarantee perfect results on any type of masonry construction and restoration work we undertake.

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