Eco House - Cretacon Green Energy - Crete, Chania, Eco
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Eco House

Eco house is a house designed to operate independently from infrastructural support services such as electric power grid.


Building materials are organised in accordance with the orientation, winds, site topography to exploit the heating and cooling potentials of the natural resources and minimize energy consumption.


An eco house is a house with no bills, electrical power is generated on site with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or geothermal.
An eco house involves solar water and space heating, rain water harvesting for agricultural use, grey water systems and environmentally friendly management of waste such as recycling and composting.


The environmental impact of an eco house is minimum. As opposed to traditional houses, its contribution to the greenhouse effect is insignificant, the CO2 emmissions prevented would need 6223sq.m of trees (310 trees) to be absorbed.