Specifications - Cretacon Green Energy
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Project Safety

During construction works, all labourers are covered by a general civil liability insurance contract up to a total limit of liability of 600,000 €. It covers bodily harm per person up to € 300,000, bodily harm per incident up to 600,000€ and general civil liability per incident up to 600,000€. It also covers the project owner’s liability up to a total limit of 400,000€.



Before the excavations, trees that obstruct construction works are removed carefully and according to regulations. They will be preserved in order to be transplanted at another location of the plot.
Abiding by the Building Regulations and Police decrees, excavation works for the basements and foundations are conducted to the depth required, according to the type of land and soil formation. Surface for foundations is compacted with vibratory plate compactor.  Suitable excavated materials are used for foundation fill and backfill. Unsuitable or excess materials are disposed of legally off the site.


Building frame and non-reinforced concrete

Non – reinforced dental concrete (type C12/15) for shaping the excavation – foundations surface.
Reinforced concrete (type C20/25) for foundations and load-bearing structure of the building according to the chartered civil engineer survey and Urban Planning Committee permit. Wooden battening, reinforcing bars (steel B500C in accordance to the latest ELOT standards), texture and concrete viscosity fully meet the static and seismic design guidelines and requirements.
Steel reinforcement rods are treated with anticorrosive coating and foundation walls are rendered with Hyperdesmo – Alchimica (bitumen extended- polyurethane coating) for waterproofing. Damp proof membrane is also installed to prevent condensation and rising damp.



All inner and outer walls are built in accordance to the approved plans and regulations with bricks (6 x 9 x 19 cm,  12 x 6 x 19 cm and 12 x 9 x 9 cm) and lime mortar. The external brickwork will be equal to double – brick thickness with approximately 7cm vacuum, thus giving a 25cm width in total. The internal brickwork will be equal to single – brick thickness. According to the architectural plans, natural stone facing for exterior walls can be installed.


External Thermal Insulation

For the thermal insulation of the building, External Thermal Insulation composite  system with rendering, CLIMA TOTAL system (Kraft Druckfarben) is applied. This system is an external cover for buildings which consists of multiple layers made of materials (including polystyrene panels of 5cm in thickness), specifically chosen to provide effects such as high energy efficiency, insulation and protection of the structure from weather and temperature effects. The system is certified by the European Organization of Technical Approval ETA – 10/0122 and complies with the Regulation for Buildings’ Energy Efficiency. For the final layer there is a wide variety of colour paints.


Plastering & plaster work

All internal walls of the building are rendered with three layers of fibre reinforced damp proofing and thermal insulating plaster (FINOMIX) , base layer or “bonding” with spattered lime (SB30), second layer with spattered cement (ST40W), and third layer, ‘skimming’  (SP20).


Plumbing installations


Water supply facilities (pipe in pipe system)
Cold water available in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and balconies. On each level, hot and cold collectors are installed, from which each tap will be supplied independently via PVC pipes.


Drinking water tank of 1000lt capacity and water pressure booster system  for domestic use is also installed along with Noga filtration system and ultraviolet water purification system (Waterpan).


Solar Thermal System

Hot water is available to all taps and supplied from solar thermal system (COSMOSOLAR) for domestic use but also to contribute to building’s heating. It consists of 10sq.m solar panels, 200lt boiler and 300lt buffer tank. Hot water pipes are copper pipes (Halcor) and pvc pipes (TIEMME) with 9mm Eurobatex insulation. This solar system provides energy to cover 100% of the needs for domestic hot water and 40% of the annual needs for heating.


Rain water facilities

Rain water will be drained from the roof and balconies of the building through gutters and drainpipes, with rectangular cross section 6 x 10 cm, on the external sides of the building. Rain water will end to an underground rain water storage tank for agricultural use of 10000lt capacity, constructed from PVC, cased in reinforced concrete with a system addressing the excess water to the road in case of overflow.


Sewage and wastewater network 

Drainage / sewage installation is in accordance to plumbing regulations. Pipes (type ELOT) are 140mm in diameter and end up through underground pipe to the public sewage system. Suitable cover devices are installed to avoid any smells.



All materials used are certified according to regulations. Installation of three phase supplies at 230V with one main distribution board at the ground floor and subsidiary boards at each of the other floors. Safety/trip switches are installed in every supply cable.


Foundational earthing is installed according to regulations and survey of the permit, consisting of a thermo – galvanised metal strip / cable fitted to the steel reinforcement of  foundations and properly protected against the effects of the environment.


Property’s facilities


a) An independent line with a separate 25A fuse, switch and LED for the electric cooker.
b) An independent line for the solar thermal system.
c) An independent line with a separate 16A fuse and switch for  washing machine and electrical iron plug.
d) An independent line with a separate 10A fuse and switch for  the bedrooms.
e) Two lines with separate 10A fuses and switches for lighting and other plugs/sockets throughout the apartment. The lights, switches and other plugs which are provided
e, a) reception room – living room: two double ceiling lights and four plugs.
e, b) Bedrooms:  In each bedroom there will be a ceiling light with two switches on opposite walls (on-off) and four plugs.
e, c) Kitchen:  A ceiling light with one switch, one plug for the extractor fan, one plug for the dishwasher, and four plugs for the fridge and worktop.
e, d) Bathrooms – WC: Each bathroom and WC will have a ceiling or wall light with a simple switch and plug with switch.
e, e) Corridors – Hall: Each separate corridor or hall will have a ceiling light with a simple switch. There will also be a supply for the doorbell.
e, f) Balconies:   Each balcony will have two inset ceiling lights with simple switches which will be inside the apartment or relevant area. There will also be an earthed plug with a lid for the balcony in front of the living room.


Phone facilities – Television aerial network – internet
Installation of phone lines, television network and internet in every bedroom and living room with piping and cabling which will terminate to the roof of the building.


Intercom system
A single low voltage network shall be built in the building from the central entrance to the plot to the building for creating a closed circuit for audio and visual communication purposes.


Alarm system
Piping and cabling will be installed in the building for a household alarm system. This will include a cable with magnetic contacts for all external doors and windows, and the front door, a cable for 2 space radars and a cable for the control panel keyboard.


Renewable Energy Sources
All necessary cabling and piping will be installed for future installation of photovoltaic or hybrid system.


Electrical supplies
Fittings (switches, plugs, sockets, button switches) are Valena range by LEGRAND and distribution boards will be Hager metal panels.



Flat roof and balconies – terraces insulation

Balconies are insulated using a spreadable resinous form of cement applied to the entire length and breadth of the balconies. Lastly, an asphalt-based gum (instead of ordinary silicone) shall be applied around all aluminium door and window frames to eliminate the risk of rainwater entering.
Thermal and water insulation for the flat roofs of the upper levels of the building shall be provided as follows:
The surface of the reinforced concrete plate shall be diligently cleaned.To construct a condensation barrier, the roof will be rendered with two layers of Hyperdesmo – Alchimica (bitumen extended- polyurethane coating). Following that a layer of extruded polystyrene panels, 5cm in thickness, geotextile and washed gravel.


Railings – Bars

At all balconies, secure guard railings are installed  made of stainless steel.




Internal floors
All floors in the residence are tiled with top quality, first class ceramic enamelled tiles. Wide range available from the companies ABM – Casa Brava, Kouris, Ceramiche Campogalliano.
In the bathrooms and WC, the walls up to 2.2 m are also tiled with first class top quality ceramic enamelled tiles.


Balcony floors
The floors of balconies are also tiled with first class top quality ceramic enamelled tiles from the above mentioned companies.


Basement and auxiliary area floors
The basement and all auxiliary areas’ floors and engine room are tiled with by second class and quality tiles.


Heating / Cooling


Underfloor heating/ cooling Classic system by Tiemme Raccorderie SpA.
The system is zone controlled with different thermostat in each room and consists of:
Polyethylene film, 0.2mm thick to prevent rising damp from the building’s slab.
Perimeter insulation and polyethylene edge strip installed to permit floor screed and contact with walls and other obstacles.
Insulating plate according to EN 13163 standards.
Cobra Pex pipes to ensure high resistance and long term operation.
Expansion polyethylene joints
Galvanised steel mesh for underfloor heating
Clips for the pipes
Collector and control panel. Thermostats for temperature control in every room.
Nassau – Midea inverter heat pump, NHM E120 + MOU-60HDN1, with heating output 19kw and cooling 16kw. Energy savings of up to 65% compared to central oil fired heating.


Aluminium door and window frames


Aluminium frames
External door and window frames for the building are made of top quality thermo break aluminium profiles from Exalco.
Window panes are double glazed glass with thermal insulation cavity, 5mm + 12mm gap + 5mm thick, first class top quality, with a total thickness of 22 mm. Electric shutters and mosquito/ fly screens included. Kitchen’s and bathrooms’ window are tilt and turn.
Security door
The front door is a security one with  steel 20/10 frame and double reinforcement, a single steel electro-galvanised outer sheet and safe-type locks.
Basement door
The basement door is metallic with a single sheet of steel with YALE locks and ventilation outlets on top and bottom



Internal walls and ceilings are rendered with Kraft Eco friendly paints in three layers with excellent choices of colour available.


Internal wooden doors -Bedroom wardrobes – kitchen cupboards
Internal doors are wood laminate doors with smooth surface and reinforced frame. Handles are from Casseti firm.


Bedroom wardrobes
The bedroom cupboards shall be constructed in the openings specified in the architectural design by well-known Greek manufacturers.
The frame is made of top class 18 mm melamine and consists of vertical uprights and three horizontal dividers which shall be made of melamine 25mm thick. The back is also made of melamine. Each wardrobe is 58 cm in depth.
Internally, the wardrobes have 1 oval pole, 1 row of shelves and 1 inner set of drawers with 3 drawers. The width of the drawers is 45cm, their height 15cm and their depth 50cm. The front and top panels match the doors. 9.6 cm bar handles are provided in the colour of nickel.


Kitchen cupboards
Kitchen cupboards are constructed to the length specified in the architectural design by well-known Greek manufacturers.  The frame shall consist of 18mm melamine backed with 8mm melamine in beige colour with pre-drilled sides. The doors are bakelite doors, with top and bottom panel of melamine and transparent rubber seal 10cm high. Bar handles 9.6 cm long in the colour of nickel are included.The kitchen cupboards include 1 set of drawers, with 2 draws 12 cm high on metal runners and a stop system and 1 slide out storage cupboard. All ground cupboards or wall-mounted cupboards have one shelf apart from the sink cupboard which has an aluminium base. It also includes the stainless steel sink (Pyramis), skirting-board, cutlery rack, dish rack, the bakelite worktop and rubbish bin.


Bathroom ware


Bathrooms are fitted with excellent quality Italian or Greek porcelain. According to plans bathroom ware and accessories consist of a cupboard with sink (Gloria) and mirror, a toilet (Pyramis – Eretria), toilet flusher (Tece), shower with glass panels of 5mm in thickness, soap dish, hooks, towel rails, toilet roll holder (G-Style, Swing) and quality Italian taps (PAINI).

Surrounding areas

Boundaries fencing constructed with local worked stone. The stone wall is 1.5 high with perimeter lighting installation, a pedestrian gate (0.9m x 1.80m) and a handcrafted, remote controlled, V- wheel roller gate (3m x 1.80m).
The access road from the entrance of the plot to the residence and the parking area are laid with cobblestones.
Landscaping the areas around the house, transplanting the removed trees and land formation with gardening soil.